We help online retailers manage their inventory by processing hundreds of images in a couple of hours. Here is a snapshot of what we offer: • Image resizing • Color correction • Removal of backgrounds • Addition/removal of logo/watermark We understand that time is the most important factor for online […]

Online Retailers

Our team of expert designers will use Photoshop’s Pen Tool to hand draw a vector path around images to isolate the wanted object and separating it from the unwanted background. This vector path can then be deployed to create a selection with Photoshop. It can also be used later in […]

Clipping Paths

Editing or retouching jewellery photographs or making them look stunning requires expert craftsmanship. This is because most jewellery showcases intricate designs, making it difficult for the designer to remove its background. It takes expert designers to create stunning jewellery photographs that can go on websites or magazines. And our retouching […]

Jewellery Retouching